Saturday, February 26, 2011

(No) Hope & Change (for the Worse)

-by Connelly Simmons

So, how's that "Hope & Change" ("We Can Believe In") thing working out for you?
(And don't even get me started about the grammar of that slogan....)

In case you weren't and aren't paying attention here's the Real Change, by the numbers:
The National Debt:

The price of corn:
The price of soybeans:
The price of sugar:
Overall non-farm unemployment:
Unemployment among African Americans:
The total number of those unemployed:
The INCREASE in the number of federal employees:
The number of those chronically unemployed:
Your income:
The number of those on food stamps:
The total number of those on unemployment:
The poverty rate:
The number of people in poverty:
The US ranking in the world among free nations:
Are you better off or worse off now?
The number of banks that went belly-up:
The value of our currency v. the Japanese currency:
One way to measure the amount of money in circulation (inflation):
Another way (inflation):
That pesky National Debt thingy:
So, how IS that (no) Hope & Change (for the worse) working out for you?

CAN you believe in this kind of change?

Is this the change for which you voted?

Or maybe you just voted for the slogan.

Or maybe you didn't vote at all....

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